CHIESA TTM Belt Series

The CHIESA Series Automatic Full Beam Die Cutting Systems equipped with “pinch & grab” feeding clamps and transport cutting belt are powerful, extremely precise & fast which allow for a fully automatic cutting cycle, with cutting speeds up to 23 strokes per minute on the entire width of the material. The belt is used as a cutting surface and the electronically controlled positive head stops guarantee precise cutting depths. They are suitable for both materials in rolls & sheets, single & multi-layered. Available in wide range of cutting powers from 88-110-165-220-330 tons with cutting surfaces from 1,600mm x 800mm up to 2,200mm x 1,600mm.

The CHIESA TTM Belt Series Automatic Full Beam Presses are engineered with two hydraulic cylinders coupled with a synchronization bar – the bar includes a crank gear to synchronize the movement of the two hydraulic cylinders. This mechanical balancing system guarantees the maximum cutting force of the press and keeps the cutting base and upper platen parallel even under uneven loads. The Chiesa hydraulic press can execute its total force at any point in the down stroke.

The powerful NEXUS system controls all the machines logistic functions: rapid die adjustment, stroke & cutting adjustment settings, die height & positive stops, total & pre-selection stroke counter, back-lit LCD to display various working conditions, self-help messages for the operator, maintenance schedule etc..