ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses

atom-traveling-head-die-cutting-pressATOM traveling head die cutting presses offer a wide & easily accessible working area suitable for cutting a wide variety of synthetic materials in either roll or sheet form.  The ATOM traveling head presses are versatile die cutting machines designed to use small to medium cutting dies to cut a wide variety of materials including gaskets, textiles, rubber & foam, composites, & similar materials.

The cutting platen is motorized and chain & sprocket driven with either manual or automatic head movement left-right via timer. The machine operator simply places the cutting tool on the material, actuates the push-button on the side of the head to position the beam over the die, cycles the two-hand push button controls (3/10 second delay for optimal safety) & the platen descends under hydraulic pressure, cuts the shape, and returns to the pre-set location so the operator can pick the cut piece(s) with full visibility of the illuminated work surface.

The main features of a traveling head press are defined in two ways; structural & control system.  Structural refers to cutting power, working area dimensions, material size and cutting platen dimensions.  Control system refers to automatic power & stroke end adjustment, automatic detection of die position on cutting surface & automatic trolley displacement.

All models can be equipped with a variety of options including:

  • AL Series Semi-automatic nip roll feeding system
  • Roll material carts (Designed Accordingly)
  • Simple or programmable cut counting device
  • Overload / Under voltage protection device

Listed below are some features that make an ATOM traveling head die cutting press unique within the industry:

  • High speed of trolley positioning & cutting which ensures increased productivity.
  • Pushbutton controls (time interlock synchronization during cutting phase) to ensure optimal safety for the operator
  • Automatic adjustment of cutting power
  • Dynamic brake system, which improves performances & reduces the motor consumption
  • Patented hydraulic system that limits power consumption by using motors with less HP than our competitors
  • Heavy duty framework, extremely rigid & resistant, designed with top quality components which ensure low maintenance costs
  • Consistent cutting power for continuous use
  • Overload / Under voltage protection device

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