ATOM & CHIESA Full Beam Die Cutting Presses


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CHIESA TTM Belt Series



atom-full-head-beam-die-cutting-pressATOM & CHIESA Full Beam Die Cutting Presses, when compared with traditional traveling head & swing beam presses show a quicker cutting cycle since there is no need to move the beam along the machine width. Another advantage is between the cutting surface and the upper beam; it is possible to use very large cutting dies, in theory as big as the cutting surface. For these reasons, our full beam die cutting presses are widely used when high cutting power & when large or multiple shape dies are used. The high cutting power enables them to cut multiple parts & plies in one stroke.

These ranges of die cutting machinery are available with cutting powers from77-110-165-220-330 tons with bed sizes up to 86" (W) x 60" (D). There are many optional feed systems available like the single sliding tray (S600 ST Series) or receding beam (Chiesa RH Series) for sheeted materials to fully automatic equipment like the cutting belt with pinch and grab pincers and the ATOM S300 Series with programmable nip roll feed which are controlled by an easy to program electronic unit. For special applications, other customized feed systems, bed sizes & cutting powers are available upon request.

ATOM Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses come with the most sophisticated CAD systems and are processed with robot techniques. The ATOM beam cutting presses, S300 & S600 series, are the basic machines to carry out industrial bulk cutting. The hi-tech solutions adopted here put these machines at the top level in the market in terms of performance and quality. Instead of traditional solutions based on a hydraulic twin cylinder or four post models, the special ATOM kinematic mechanism with a single hydraulic cylinder is employed with guaranteed superior performances. This technique allows a real perfect parallelism between the upper & lower platen surfaces, with more uniform distribution of the cutting force, and a faster cutting cycle than common die cutting machines.

Chiesa Full Beam Die Cutting Presses are designed with two hydraulic cylinders coupled with a synchronization bar – the bar includes a crank gear to synchronize the movement of the two hydraulic cylinders. This mechanical balancing system guarantees that the maximum cutting force of the press and keeps the cutting base and upper platen parallel even under uneven loads. The Chiesa hydraulic press can execute its total force at any point in the down stroke. The electronically controlled mechanical head stops, powered by 4 brushless motors, allow for quick set-up and ensure maximum cutting accuracy. Chiesa manufactures a wide range of standard & custom full beam presses from the manual TTM Receding Head Series to the fully automated TTM Belt Series; the most versatile die cutting system for both rolls and sheeted goods.