The CHIESA RH Series Receding Head Full Beam Die Cutting Presses features all the advantages achieved from a traditional full head beam die cutting machine with the addition of the increased visibility of the machine’s working surface. The upper cutting platen retracts to the back of the machine after every cycle which allows for precise die placement for small or pre-printed sheets & increased visibility of the cutting surface when utilizing larger sheets or materials in roll form. The CHIESA receding head beam press is one of highest quality die cutting machines on the market in relation to speed of advancement, cutting & receding sequence with precise & accurate repeatability.

The CHIESA RH Series Full Beam Presses are engineered with two hydraulic cylinders coupled with a synchronization bar – the bar includes a crank gear to synchronize the movement of the two hydraulic cylinders. This mechanical balancing system guarantees the maximum cutting force of the press and keeps the cutting base and upper platen parallel even under uneven loads. The Chiesa hydraulic press can execute its total force at any point in the down stroke.

The shoulder supports are linked to the movement of the hydraulic cylinders as well as being guided by guide units for the vertical movement. The receding beam is constrained to the shoulder supports which represent the heart of the guide system. The guide unit (sliding type) is solidly linked to the machine base structure & the anti-friction material is non-compressible to operating pressure, with an extremely low friction level even in dry mode.