ATOM S600 Series

The ATOM S600 Series Beam Cutting Presses with Single Sliding Work Tray are designed to offer high visibility of the cutting surface, therefore suitable whenever high precision of die & material placement is required. The S600 ST series are typically used for cutting material in sheet form due to the moveable sliding tray incorporated with this line of due cutting machines & with the cutting stroke adjustable up to 200mm, it allows for a wider range of materials to be processed.

Instead of traditional solutions based on a hydraulic twin cylinder or four post models, the special ATOM kinematic mechanism (Y Fulcrum) with a single hydraulic cylinder is employed with guaranteed superior performances. This technique allows for a real perfect parallelism between the upper & lower platen surfaces, with more uniform distribution of the cutting force, and a faster cutting cycle than common die cutting machines.

The ATOM S600 Series is available in a wide range of cutting powers, from 77-110-165 tons with cutting surfaces from 1.600mm x 800mm up to 2, 00mm x 1,350mm. Two different cutting methods are standard: pressure mode and stroke end mode so a wide variety of materials can be processed. In addition, these machines have been built with “extended” sliding trays so components larger than the actual cutting platen can be cut increasing the versatility of the machine and your die cutting capabilities.