ATOM S300 Series

The ATOM 300 Series of Full Beam Die Cutting Presses are the traditional machinery used for cutting roll materials & can be set up as a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic die cutting machine. Instead of traditional solutions based on a hydraulic twin cylinder or four post models, the special ATOM kinematic mechanism (Y Fulcrum) with a single hydraulic cylinder is employed with guaranteed superior performances. This technique allows a real perfect parallelism between the upper & lower platen surfaces, with more uniform distribution of the cutting force and a faster utting cycle than common die cutting machines.

The ATOM S300 series can be equipped with a programmable nip roll feed system & set-up as an automatic cutting press. The operator simply enters the die depth, configures the gap, initiates the start cycle and the machine automatically begins feeding and cutting with speeds up to 20 cycles per minute. Manual machines can also utilize the nip roll feeder but the operator must step on a foot-pedal to commence feeding and then hit the two button switch to engage cutting. With an increased daylight of 320mm & illuminated work area, sheeted materials can also be processed with full visibility for the operator. This series is available in 77, 110 & 165 US tons with cutting surfaces up to 2000mm x 1350mm.