The ATOM BP/BPH Series Automatic Full Beam Die Cutting Systems equipped with “pinch & grab” feeding clamps and transport cutting belt are powerful, extremely precise & fast which allow for a fully automatic cutting cycle, with cutting speeds up to 23 strokes per minute on the entire width of the material. The belt is used as a cutting surface and the positive head stops guarantee precise cutting depths. They are suitable for both materials in rolls & sheets, single & multi-layered. Available in wide range of cutting powers from 77-110-165 tons with cutting surfaces from 1,600mm x 800mm up to 2,000mm x 1,320mm.

Instead of traditional solutions based on a hydraulic twin cylinder or four post models, the special ATOM kinematic mechanism (Y Fulcrum) with a single hydraulic cylinder is employed with guaranteed superior performances. This technique allows for a real perfect parallelism between the upper & lower platen surfaces, with more uniform distribution of the cutting force, and a faster cutting cycle than common die cutting machines.

Special software developed by ATOM, with four different modes, is standard to achieve the highest cutting speed, combined with optimal material yields, for both roll & sheet materials.

1) Roll Mode:The machine feeds roll material in an automatic fashion. The cutting die is fastened to the head of the machine and the operator picks the cut parts as they exit the machine.

2) Sheet Mode: In the sheet mode, the operator loads a sheet to a fixed position on the back of the machine. The operator then hits the cycle start button and the clamps feed the sheet in an automatic fashion. An optional automatic sheet loading device can be employed to increase production throughput.

3) Tray Mode: In the tray mode, we fit a cutting pad to the front of the machine. The cutting pad works as a tray, the operator loads the sheet, the movable clamp pulls the cutting pad & sheet under the cutting platen, the machine cuts, and then feeds the cutting pad and cut sheet back to the operator; automatically.

4) Incremental Tray Mode: Permits the use of cutting dies larger (depth) than the cutting head to be used. Cutting tool is loaded from the back of the press and the machine feeds in automatic the die with material and makes the appropriate amount of cuts until the entire die is completed, then feeds the cut part & tool back to the operator for the next cycle.

ATOM S600 BPH Series

The ATOM S600 BPH Series Automatic Full Beam Cutting System shares the same features & performances of the BP series yet combines a programmable movable trolley for single tool cutting dies. The trolley can be specified in the following widths; 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm wide x 1,320 mm in Depth. The trolley can accept a wood based steel rule die (18mm) or a die holder plate to mount the cutting tool. The cutting programs are loaded via a bar-code scanning system.